2818 Queen City Drive, Suite G
Charlotte, NC 28266

Accounting Dept.
PO Box 148
Climax, NC 27233-0148
Phone: (336) 482-2933
Fax: (336) 482-2932

The movement of information is as important as the movement of goods. Seven R stays current with technology to ensure our customers have the information to respond to questions and needs.

  • Seven R utilizes the AS400 platform and TMW Systems is our IT partner.

  • Our staff uses personal computers and are connected through a local area network to ensure the best customer service.

  • Pegasus Tran Tech is our imaging system. Seven R is part of the enhancement committee to ensure we are current with new system upgrades.

  • EDI transaction sets supported are: 214 � shipment status; 204 � shipment tender; 210 � freight invoices and 820 � inbound.

  • Kleinshmit is our EDI partner.

  • Seven R has internet capabilities.

  • Seven R allows our customers to track and trace loads from pickup to delivery on the web.