2818 Queen City Drive, Suite G
Charlotte, NC 28266

Accounting Dept.
PO Box 148
Climax, NC 27233-0148
Phone: (336) 482-2933
Fax: (336) 482-2932

- Seven R is an addition to my team at Advance Auto Parts.  They assist with managing containers from ports and ramps around the US.  The customer service is un-surpassed.  When I call Seven R, I can forget the problem – they manage the shipment and exceed my expectations.

Lisa Saunders

Vice President, Transportation

- I have been doing logistics and imports for 10 years and Seven R is by far the best trucking provider I have the pleasure to work with.  The entire staff is friendly, proficient, and proactive which makes my job a lot easier.   Thanks for all the hard work.

Curtis A. Millett
Kamino International

- We appreciate all of your efforts with every move. You always give your best no matter how simple or complicated it is. You make us feel like we are your most important customer. It's good to be able to turn to someone who can help out in a pinch or take care of everyday business. Thank you for everything that each of you do!

MPL Worldwide
Greensville, SC